About me

My name is Iwa. I live in beautiful Scotland.

I’d been working in academia for 20 years in Poland and in the UK. I have a PhD in social sciences. I loved doing research, writing publications and, teaching. But that wasn’t all I wanted. In the second part of my life I made a huge career turn and become a professional life coach and Tarot reader. The Covid pandemic also played a part in making that decision.  I still do some academic work on a side, because it will always be a part of who I am.

I’ve been always concerned with social inequality and exclusion. As s researcher I investigated exclusion of seniors, disabled children, LGBT+ people in Poland, and women experiencing domestic violence in the UK. The latter one was particularly important for me and I’m still involved in rising awareness of the issue. For years I was teaching students negotiation and communication skills. Now I use all that knowledge, plus the coaching skills, in my Tarot practice. I also draw on a wealth of experience from my own personal development journey, from individual psychotherapy to  women’s circles and support groups. Tarot is an important part of this journey, which I will certainly write a book about one day. I have completed many Tarot trainings both in more traditional approach to tarot and Jungian / psychological Tarot. I constantly read and learn on Tarot. Because Tarot is my passion and a life-long journey. I also study at the International School of Jungian Coaching to have more tools to help my clients.

I have gipsy roots which perhaps explain my fascination with tarot and nature. I love animals, dogs in particular. Dancing ad cooking are my favourite creative platforms. I also love hiking and I’m a devoted yoga practitioner. I got energised by people and new ideas and I can easily inspire others. I am very intuitive, empathetic and observant, but I’m also damn practical. In my approach to Tarot I combine my rational mind with my intuitive mind. We have two hemispheres for a reason!

I focus on solution finding and helping you to understand the processes you go through and to support you in that journey. I believe that deep inside you, you know best what’s good for you. I use cards to help you tap into that inner guidance of yours so you can choose the path you most need at that moment, or the one you are ready for. I help with decision-making, big and small life changes, finding your life purpose, or just seeing where you are now and what you need.

I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Islands (TABI). I apply the TABI ethics to my work and I attend regularly their workshops and conferences.I work in Polish and English.

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